Unexpected End Of Formula

by Chefkirk + Carl Kruger

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artist: Chefkirk + Carl Kruger
title: Unexpected End Of Formula
label: .x.
catalog number: :..

An electronic noise collaboration between Chefkirk and Carl Kruger, originally released on the label Meatronic in March 30, 2009.
When Meatronic ceased operations this file became unavailable.
The resurrection of this track was deemed necessary and was reissued July 29, 2013 on .x. with bonus remixes by Newton and c-c. The cover art was visually remixed by c-c.

Chefkirk wrote this at the time of its original release: "Carl and I have been collab’n since 2004 and this is our 5th release together. Mr. Kruger and I have a release under the moniker Ibiza Shock Troops. Troops consisted of Carl supplying the beats and my no-input mixer modulations thrown on top. The source material for UNEXPECTED END OF FORMULA was originally intended for another I.S.T. release, but i really didn’t like what we had. Carl sent me the original beats back in late 2007. I added the no-input and shelved the whole thing. I broke it out in 2008, but didn’t like the new changes. Finally I dug this stuff up again in August of ‘08. After many, many CPU edits, and 1 final mix Jan. 2009 it is done."



released July 30, 2013

SPECIAL NOTE: these tracks are poorly represented when you stream them. Bandcamp streams at 128 kbps. Ordinarily I don't notice the difference but these tracks in particular suffer from the quality drop. Please download these files to listen!




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